I bet some of you didn’t know you could ask for free samples from Kroger. Well, you totally can! After you complete a pickup, delivery, or ship-to-home order on the Kroger website, you will be offered the opportunity to request free samples on your order confirmation page. With just one click, you can sign up and sample free products, in a try-before-you-buy program sponsored by Kroger and completed through Sampler, one of the biggest free sample companies online. As the recipient of one of these boxes recently, I can reassure you there is no fee, no credit card needed, and no commitment. Take a look at what I got in my box:


I received a sample of Tasty Bite Jasmine Rice, Mott’s® Applesauce Pouches in cinnamon flavor, Horizon Organic Low-fat Chocolate Milk Box, Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo, and Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Yeast. I was particularly pleased about the nutritional yeast as I have it in mind to make a Vegan Cheese dipping sauce in the near future and did not have any nutritional yeast for the receipt. Thanks to Kroger and Sampler, problem solved!

Just as a side note, I do not receive any compensation if you click through the links in this post to take a look at the sample program.

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