I’m Kat! Nice to meet you!

Picture of me, Kat

I’ve been cooking since I was 8 years old. My littlest brother had scratched my mother’s eye with his fingernail and she gave me directions while I cooked my first meal: a roast chicken. I’ve been cooking ever since, which was a blessing to my brothers, as my mom was famous for making reservations for dinner. I still poke fun at her, though her skills are superb now and she even grinds her own flour!

One of my favorite activities is to bang around in my dinky apartment kitchen, throw ingredients in a pot, and see how it all comes out. Most of the time, it’s pretty tasty. Sometimes, not so much.

One of my other favorite activities is creating memes. I love to laugh and I love making other people laugh as well. It is highly likely you will discover a funny meme or two, created by yours truly, as well as a new recipe. After all, life is no fun if you can’t laugh at yourself.

I’ve been creating recipes for years and thought I would finally take the plunge and upload them to a recipe blog. I want to get some feedback on what I’m cooking in my kitchen as well as provide recipes with simple ingredients and cooking methods that anyone can do. I hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as I did.

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